Lion in ME

LION in Model Engineer

About once a year OLCO publish a list of the articles detailing the construction of 3½” and 5″ gauge Lions which were published in Model Engineer way back in 1953-4. Written by the immortal LBSC, the articles contain the drawings, the procedures and of course the various wrinkles which, collectively, formed the ‘words and music’ for which he was famous. A word of warning, though. He never built the engine, so there were a few mistakes which those who followed his instructions found to their cost. We therefore include in the list the letters and articles sent in by builders and which it would be wise to read before work starts. Each entry covers both gauges, unless specified.

We are unable to supply copies of these articles for copyright reasons. However, back numbers of Model Engineer (published by MyTimeMedia Ltd) and many other publications may be obtained from TEE Publishing.

This is an updated version of a previously issued list, being more accurately targeted at specific topics. It is to be hoped that it is of interest and use to our readers.

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