Links & Castings

Links to other websites that may have some interest for those wanting to find out more about LION.

Guildford Model Engineering Society.                                                              The 1838 Locomotive ‘Lion’

Harrye Frowen’s Lion Locomotive website.                                                      A live steam scale model for 7¼” Gauge.

Museum of Liverpool & Great Port Gallery

The Opening of The Liverpool & Manchester Railway by Sharon Brown

Station Road Steam                                                                               Purveyors of interesting mechanical paraphernalia of all types.  May be useful if one wants to buy (or sell) a secondhand ‘LION’.   

Sarik Hobbies


Reeves 2000

Castings and other parts

Harrye Frowen advised that wheel castings for a 7.25″ ‘Lion’ were available through him.

“After searching the web site I failed to find any information on finding out where we can obtain wheel castings for 7.25 gauge Lion. As I now have the wheel patterns for the 7.25 gauge lion and have a foundry prepared to cast for us , you may wish to add this information to your site.”

I understand the following items are available.    

Cylinder covers.   

Steam chest.   

Front boiler saddle.   

rear boiler brackets.   

Eccentric straps.   

Rocking shafts(lost wax castings).   

Rocking shafts(sand box castings).   

Gabs,steel,laser cut.   

spectacle plates.   

Cylinder blocks.   


Please visit his website for details.

Blackgates Engineering

Castings for a 5″ ‘TF’ & 31/2″ ‘TF’ are available.