Lionsmeet 2022

Saturday 13th of August at the Worcester SME track.

An opportunity to meet up and run models of ‘Lion’ and other early 19th century locomotives.

Lionsmeet is an informal annual gathering of those with an interest in Lion in all its manifestations and gauges. The main purpose of the meet is to allow OLCO members and other interested parties to exhibit models of Lion and other pre-1850 locomotives and, where possible, to enjoy running them on an unfamiliar track.

Who’s Invited?

OLCO members, of course, and anyone with an interest in railways of the first half of the nineteenth century. If you’re thinking of building a model of Lion, please come along and take a look; maybe even have a drive (subject to the owner’s permission). If you’re part way through building a model, bring it along and discuss your project with someone who’s been there already.

Date : Saturday 13th of August

Location : at the Worcester SME track.

Contact : Jackie Buckley for further information. 01905 7589632

General information:
The Society’s track is in a park at Waverley Street, Worcester WR5 3DH.

Local accommodation, Premier Inn (with parking) near J6 of the M5, There is no provision for camping or caravans, but there are sites nearby.
Tea, coffee, and a light lunch will be available at the track. You must advise Jackie Buckley if you wish to attend so that you can be included in the catering list.

There will be a marquee and tables for the exhibition of models, finished or otherwise.

Drivers: There will be a limited supply of coal, bring your own charcoal for lighting up.
If at all possible bring your own driving trolley. The clearances for trolleys are:
1. Elevated 3 ½ and 5 inch track, top of rails to ground minimum 11 1/2” approximately, maximum 25” approximately. The anti-tip rails are approximately 11” apart.
2. Ground level track 5” and 7 1/4”
The couplings on the society trolleys are given as M8, Fork ends.
The steaming bays have 12 and 24 volts D C., connection is old 2pin mains plug or crocodile clips.

Spark arrestors are not mandatory.

Third party liability insurance certificates from your own club and current boiler certificates will be required. If you do not have insurance through your own club Day Membership will be available.

We intend having an evening meal locally, venue TBA.
Please advise me also if you are attending, email to

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