An opportunity to meet up and run models of ‘Lion’ and other early 19th century locomotives.

Lionsmeet is an informal annual gathering of those with an interest in Lion in all its manifestations and gauges. The main purpose of the meet is to allow OLCO members and other interested parties to exhibit models of Lion and other pre-1850 locomotives and, where possible, to enjoy running them on an unfamiliar track.

Who’s Invited?

OLCO members, of course, and anyone with an interest in railways of the first half of the nineteenth century. If you’re thinking of building a model of Lion, please come along and take a look; maybe even have a drive (subject to the owner’s permission). If you’re part way through building a model, bring it along and discuss your project with someone who’s been there already.


Saturday 13th of August at the Worcester SME track.

Boiler Certificate and Insurance

Anyone wanting to steam a locomotive must bring a current boiler certificate and evidence of public liability insurance for inspection. Members of a model engineering society may find that their society’s insurance will cover them for third party liability.

Lionsmeets over the years.

Rules of Previous Lionsmeets