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Lion(s) modelled in wood

Roy Albery of Vancouver, Canada recently contacted me regarding his model of Lion in hardwoods.

He writes,

"I started researching this several years ago. I bought some .... plans which I used to get the overall dimensions of the locomotive. ..... link to lots of photos online, which I used to make the details as authentic as I could.

In 2005, during a visit to the UK, I went to see Lion, in Manchester. I took a lot of photos of my own. I also have a copy of the yellow booklet by the Merseyside County Museums, and a DVD of The Titfield Thunderbolt.

I spent a lot of time over several winters, working on the model. I drew my own plans on the computer in Autocad, trying to include as much detail as I could within the constraints imposed by working in wood. Typically I made parts by printing copies of each part in Autocad, pasting the prints onto pieces of wood, and cutting out the pieces with a scroll saw. It was a fascinating project, modeling this wonderful old locomotive."

Click on the link button below to go to Roy's Picassa Web Album.

Keith Hogan, a member of the Australian Woodworkers Forum, wrote to me regarding his nearly completed project of 'Pen-y Darren' in a range of materials.

He writes, "I have been building my version of the Richard Trevithick Peny-Darren locomotive. It has taken me nearly 6 months to reach the stage I am at with the locomotive and tender. I use composite materials, timber, aluminium, PVC (whatever I can get) to make my models.

A member of the Forum suggested the Lion as my next build. I really like the look of the locomotive. Do you have Plans, Models, Sketches (anything) that I could use to build a replica model of the loco. In past I have used plastic model kits and drawn up the components for my build. My version of the Peny-Darren (not 100% accurate - I have added copper lubrication lines, hexagon head bolts etc) is 1/5th scale. "

I have replied encouraging him to go ahead and providing some advice on his quest for information. Anyone else with useful information should first contact the webmaster.

Keith Hogan writes again about the rapid progress he is making with his latest build. A very impressive rate of work, I'm sure you will agree.

"...(having built a ) model of Trevithick's "Peny-Darren" locomotive and requesting some info on the Lion. ..... I got some drawings from the UK and I am building my "replica" of the locomotive. I am building 1/6th scale. I am building out of timber, aluminium, PVC (basically anything I can get my hands on). Of course it is not a "live steamer" but I am enjoying the build so far. I say "replica" because I am not building gab gear etc, although I am trying to build as many components as I can to make it look fairly realistic. So far I have spent about 120 hours building my model. Yes I am retired. My wife says I spend too much time in the shed. I am a member of the Australian Woodworkers Forum.

I thought you may like to see some photos of my build so far. Basically the chasis. For your interest, I made the leaf springs out of MDF."