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Lion Drawings in Preparation (Rev - 26Jan'12)

For drawings, please contact John Hawley at:


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Note 1: All drawings are of prototype Lion unless stated. Most are to some degree incomplete, but further information may be available on request.

Drawings are under constant review and are updated as new information comes to light. Dimensions are in inches.

Sketch Number Title Size (ins) With Dimns Comment CAD or Hand Drwg
149000/1 General Arrangement (Left Side) 24 x 49 Some Tender same scale, but undimensioned C
149000/2 General Arrangement (Right Side) 24 x 37 Some Dimensioned where different from left side. Incomplete. C & H
3-5 - - - - -
149725 7¼" gauge model - Copper Boiler 24 x 37 Yes th scale ie. for 7¼" gauge
8 Boiler Fittings
8/1 Clack. safety valve and whistle 24 x 47 Yes H
8/2 Firedoor and Water Gauge A1 Yes C
8/3 Regukator Assembly & Details A1 Yes C
8/4 Safety Valve arms, Salter Springs etc Not Started
9 Embellishments
9/1 Haycock and Lagging A1 Yes H
9/2 Splashers Not started. See GA
10 Running Gear
10/1 Driving Wheels and Front Axle 24 x 48 Yes C
10/2 Crank Axle. eccentrics etc 24 x 44 Yes C
10/3 Trailing and Tender Wheels/Axles 24 x 45 Yes C
10/4 Springs, Hangers etc Not Started see 149000/2
11 Frames
11/1 GA of Main Frame Not started. Some info on GA
11/2 Inner Frames 24 x 43 Yes
11/3 Hornplates, Ties, Buffers & Beams etc Not started. Some info on GA
11/4 Details of Fasteners along main frames A3 & A4(x2) Yes A sketch and two typed lists
13 Smokebox
13/1 Smokebox GA 24 x 38 Yes C
13/2 Smokebox internal details inc Cylinders and Valves 24 x 42 Yes H
13/3 Chimney A1 Yes C
13/4 Blast Pipe, Steam Pipes etc Not Started
15 Drive Motion
15/1 Piston, ConRod & crosshead assys 24 x 38 Yes C
15/2 Coupling Rods and Flycrank A1 Yes C&H
15/3 Clinder Covers, Slide bars, rocking lever & motion plate 24 x 47 Yes H
18 Valve Gear
18/1 Assembly Not Started
18/2 Reversing lever and stand A1 Yes C
18/3 Connecting Link (Dogbone), gabs. weightshaft & frame A1 Yes C&H
18/4 Rocking Lever (Wagging Banana), Lifting links, slide valve, reach rod. Not started. Note: Rocking lever currently on 15/3
19 Water System
19/1 Water Pump details & installation 24 x 36 Yes H
19/2 Pipes brackets connections etc Not started
21 Footplate Area
21/1 Footplate A1 Yes H
21/2 Cab side railings A1 Yes H
21/3 Stirrup Step A2 Yes C
21/4 Toolbox Not Started
31 Tender Not started. See GA for elevation
or Model Engineer Vol 154, Issue 3751, pgs 439-442
or contact John Hawley
Rev - 26th Jan 2012

Note 2: To discuss any of the above drawings, email John Hawley as above

Note 3: To see a 7¼" gauge Lion built with the help of the above drawings, go to Harrye Frowen's website: You will find a couple of short films that may be of great interest.

The above list is available to download as a .rtf file (209KB)

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For a list of articles detailing the construction of 3 1/2" and 5" gauge Lions see Lion in Model Engineer

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