Lion Castings

Some Castings for LBSC's 'Titfield Thunderbolt' are available from
Reeves 2000

Laser Cut parts for a 5" Gauge 'Titfield Thunderbolt' are available from
Model Engineer's Laser

A recent email from Harrye Frowen advised that wheel castings for a 7.25" 'Lion' were available through him.

"After searching the web site I failed to find any information on finding out where we can obtain wheel castings for 7.25 gauge Lion. As I now have the wheel patterns for the 7.25 gauge lion and have a foundry prepared to cast for us , you may wish to add this information to your site."

I understand the following items are available.

  • Cylinder covers.
  • Steam chest.
  • Front boiler saddle.
  • rear boiler brackets.
  • Eccentric straps.
  • Rocking shafts(lost wax castings).
  • Rocking shafts(sand box castings).
  • Gabs,steel,laser cut.
  • spectacle plates.
  • Cylinder blocks.
  • Wheels.

Please visit his website, or contact him via email.


I understand that castings for a 5" 'TF' are available from Blackgates Engineering

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